Privacy Policy

Protibeshi Group is a solution for all of your real estate needs, including buying, selling, renting & legal aspects. We are always aware of our clients, their needs and desires. We try to bring all buyers, sellers, and owners together under one roof so that they can find a suitable environment. 
Our mission is to help our clients so that they can find their dream and actual property.
We are committed to ensuring the highest level of professionalism, quality, and values in all business processes. We only sell our contracted properties for a nominal profit and service fee. (Secondary or New) Before signing the contract for each property, we do a full market survey and generate a report by a long-term property expert, and then we have a contract for a certain period of time. We will provide the right guidance for selling or renting the properties at the right price. 
You are very welcome to visit our office for any of your real-estate and property-related needs.